At Golden Sun, we embrace individuality and understand that your loved one has specific needs. Our trained staff is trustworthy, compassionate, and ready to provide an extra set of hands in your home. Please call our office for an in home consultation to custom tailor a plan that will meet the needs of your loved one.

Although most home care requests are usually planned, families still need time to research and evaluate many situations. We are able to work with families in providing a faster response such as an emergency or a late day discharge from medical facilities. We are available to assist with major transitions from a place of care to another.

Three distinct types of care are provided by Golden Sun Home Care, and they are explained more in details in each of its respective sections.

In-Home Care

Home Health Care

Other Care

A few lists of services, though not limited to them, are provided for each type of care.

Read more about the differences between in-home care and home health care on their pages. Many clients choose to have both because they feel the combination of these services is their best option for having normal or better lives. Clinical and rehabilitative needs are met from home health care services by professionals, and in-home care services are attended by trained care givers.